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Past-CChangedD 2


by DeYtH Banger

It's time for each one of us to become calm. That's why I am starting second part just for the sake of all.

In the first part… I could put it as the point of around a lot of material.

Like Few Hours of Comedy
        6 Hours Of Lectures
Topic - Philosophy Of Death with Proffesor Shelly Kagan.

I am proud of myself, I just finished the podcast "The Investigation Continues" all 5 Parts.
I went up to 8 Episode on The Podcast The Lift, I was even around Campfire radio Theater Podcast.







Why in fucking hell such shitty fuck like you is going to read my story. You are Neutral, non-puffy creature.

But guess what… My powerful dictionary English/American + Bulgarian are going to become one. Cool Down… Just Cool Down… I know that some of you just now found out that I am Bulgarian. Most of you, probably were picturing me as a typical Crazy, Mind Bending, Confusing Russian. I won't lie… I have my own conspiracy which some of them have been made into public, other stay in my mind.


Let's Cool Down with this game!

           Imagine… A Image with your body and without your body in the same time, I don't want from you to make two images but one.


-  Hahaha, you can't do it, neither Do I.

Let's try one more!

           Imagine…. A Picture with a bus and without a bus in the same time. (Note: The Same rules apply here… One image not two.)

Let's try one more…

Imagine… A Image with your smile, but without your body.
(Note: The Same rules apply here… One image not two.)

P.S. For the sake of normality we should be friends.




As The Arabian screw up shaddy bitch, which was covered with rags her whole body, I am guessing that the Muslim religion sucks… but let's come back to where we…

SHE said "Learning is Fun"


She made a smile


I hate this whole image first because her screw up religion…. Seconds her ugly rags and third the fake smile. Come on… come on… it was useless.… This smile… real… or nothing.

They Said "Make smile… to attract more students."

Did they said that?

I am now behaving as very rude person, which isn't acceptable.

She is going to be my Proffesor in the Forensics classes.…

So We to continue this lovely discussion, in which I love to participate, u should anewer this doan questions!

Do you know TV Series like Dexter but I am talking about the Crime… With Main Character Dexter Morgan? or CSI, CSI:Miami… Are you familiar with them?

If Yes - Great
If Not - Google them and make some research…


In such series has been exposed  the subject Forensics, I have been around it for few hours like in TV channels such as C&I.

My goal now is not to be on the surface and say "Yeah that's forensics"… and  that's all. But to have some sort of experience "Inside Of A Mind Forensics Expert".

I joined also and the Classes of Crime and Justice and Game Dev.

(Note: I am going to take a break and to go Offtopic.


If you want to be a great author the idea is not to repeat and….. REMEMBER, REMEMBER be Original.)

Let's come back to where we left the discussion. Each student book material has been corrupted!

I am studying all this shit 30 Years and I know what's a shady information. This out there is brain washing, nothing from this all informatin when you conclude or let's put it as sum up… it becomes dry and surreal.

 It just doesn't match up…

I see shady information like

Putin having Sex with Hitler


John F Kenedy killing his brother.

- It's surreal!


When you sleep pay attention to my words, because I am the guy. Who saved your life at least twice.

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