понеделник, 31 юли 2017 г.

New Words

I just don't get it,
new words comming by
passing by.

Words aren't enough to explain this case,
people are saying one thing then another thing is happening.

They won't do it,
The don't need it,

He: It's cheap, that's why I bought it



Me: Nope, you said you don't need it...

He: Oh.... , come on.. it's cheap... it doesn't cost so much money

What does bitch in this movie has to do with all this shit

I am just tracking the movie "Unforgettable" and I don't get what's the goal of this whole

This story is all about one sad picture a white bitch, - YOU NAME IT
Tessa Connover... a bitch which has left her husband she has made a mistake.

But look... now she is trying to fuck up a black bitch
Julia Banks...

Julia Banks - This character looks like isn't living the best life and didn't had
the besst life and it's hopping to get something good out of this worst scenarios.

Tessa Connover... - Haaa.... whoever you are... you can't explain what you are playing

neither Rosario Dawson... neither and U... Katherine Heigl










You are now manipulating her... you are thinking the worst scenario for her and trying to
be nice while facing her. But behind her back as the stories and people often say
"Friends aren't friends who talk behind your back, about you."

and that's what she is doing being nice in front of her face and
while behind her back be the worst bitch you have ever seen.


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