четвъртък, 6 юли 2017 г.

Social Media

It's the most slippy place which you can be a member of... stuff are so dry. You feel strange and so wrong, it's like life sometimes you feel wrong. It's possible only "I To feel wrong", but what to say?

Do you see the image? It should fucks you up, if you find out that you write to someone and he/she doesn't answer, a second, a minute, then a hour... it just happens one moment. Don't you ask yourself why?

In my world this is something very often saw, people ignore me on daily Bases

And how did happen?
Come on, come on... is it because the creepy content?

(I am really interested in creepy stuff, serial killers, crimes and much more...)

I am very fascinated with learning more and more about killers, criminal minds.

But you see, that criminal stuff, blood, gruesome pictures, murder and all creepy stuff make people  to stop being active with you, but A&E - Says "Be Original", so if you are fascinated in crime and true crime and in very insane works, you should be ready to make some sacrafices!

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