петък, 14 юли 2017 г.

Day Two

1. Fail, Fail and Fail

(Yeah, yeah I know the theory... but it little shakes me inside... it just feels wrong.)

2. Encountering Strange Guy/s

(It's supposedly to be another story but ets don't put a full stop somewhere around here. I will be more focusing on "The Strangest Guy", he was looking me in a very strange way.... from eyes, up to head... and just everything was strange in this guy. Who in fucking hell looks at you in such manner?)

3. Muscles

(At Least, I am not jerking off... that's good news to be heard from me. If I was doing that, I was going to blame it on "Jerking Oof", but now who to blame?

We went too far away from the topic, I don't get the idea of muscles, but I feel like I need muscles... I should be stronger, but WHY?.... No fucking clue, the truth is the truth and I see getting stronger as something which is 0-minded.)

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