вторник, 4 юли 2017 г.

Watch Next


(What now Am I  now watching?... It's a good question)

1. 1000 Ways To Die Series

(After this series... I see going outside as a threat...)

2. Gotham Series

3. Monk Series

4. Mind Field Series

(THis series are going to bend your mind... Michael Stevens changed my way of seeing the world!)

5. Lie To Me

(This guy is crazy but in a good way)

6. The Killer Speaks

(The killer have the guts to tell you what has happen, but can you look him right in the eyes?)

7. Outcast

(The story is very dark... it's about spirits, demons)

8. Chance

(What's the life on the streets?)

9.  Murder CaseBook

(Reminder for Monk - Detective!)

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