понеделник, 31 юли 2017 г.


I am not losing,
I am just on the loose,
I game based on set of principles.

Nor, books could fulfil desires,
Nor, films,
Nor, audiobooks,
Nor, series.

I am not as sick as Katie from the movie,
Inconceivable. This here is a new level image,
I don't believei n what I see in front of my eyes.

It's so difficult to comprehend.
I have my opinion which means that I am opinion-bitch.

But am I?
A bitch?

I don't think so


Kissing the pain is sick

as being a psycho.

Come on... who in fucking hell kisses wounds?

Oh, yeah mothers...

this sick... ugly bitches...

Резултат с изображение за mother kissing a wound

Sickness, doesn't end here...

Work doesn't replace being at home and taking care of your children.

Money aren't enough to fulfil what one typical oridinary kid wants.

It wants parents who to be with him/her
not some people who always are busy and busy and busy.

That's not a family... relationship is not all about being busy.

It has never been
and it will never be.

Being busy doesn't make a relationship stronger it grows suspicion, it starts to


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