неделя, 16 юли 2017 г.

Day Three

I am on 100% sure that I am late for day-3, it was supposed to be written yesterday somewhere when the was day finishing... PROBABLY 20-00 OR 21:20, but I am writting it today. - HOW FUCKED UP?

1. Anxiety

(I had a lot of anxiety after all I didn't had any type of fun, just theory after theory, video after video, article after article. But come on, you can't do something without and little comedy to add to the enviroment.)

(Note: Just to be clear... this here is my journey from need, depressed guy transforming into more OPEN PERSON)

2. Fail

(Anxious, depression and even If you have anxiety you can'T do anything... Theory doesn't change the mood.)

3. No Muscles

(I took a break, I didn't wanted to put so much pressure on me... - 2 Day Break)

4. Tried

(Hmm, at least tried to talk with a girl... but the Anxiety stopped me... I was looking like some kinda psychopath all the people... and each state was destroying me inside. So this could be the reason... that I was near to the cool, nice girl... but I didn't had the guts to say something, overethinking will kill you... Anxiety-  The Same and Here.)

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