четвъртък, 20 юли 2017 г.

Day Seven

Days are going fast sometimes stuff happen which you just don't understand.

1. Work Out

- I am working out on my body... building some muscles.... walking and typical stuff. But this is a routine since 1 Month.

2. Challenge

- Once again I completed again my challange I was little worried and made some mistakes.
But still I tried to talk to new people first day in about 6 People, second 7-8... then 13....and now I am planning something like 15-16 New People to talk to. Of Course once again, we are talking again about strangers. Not some people which I know but strangers.!

3. This Are The Points

- And looks like those are the points... (I am sorry that I was late... but I was tired yesterday, but I had first 6-7 conversations easy... then it come a momment when I thought that I won't finish my challange and started to I force conversations it became into 8... then 9... again a force made by me and again was feeling like I will fail after all there were few more numbers until 13 and I  need to find strangers and to find a good topic the bad neews about this is that I am alone it sucks!

Better to be with someone which I know and it's going in a way which is much fun that....

But, Yesterday wasn't the only example of forced conversation I had one of those and before... I have done it and before... but there are and conversations out of free-will. It's awesome after all there are people which are interested in talking to me... WITHOUT ME-FORCING.

- There are days which "You Can't close the Conversation" - Which sucks I remember those days and they are like a nightmare... WALKING INSIDE MY MIND!

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